I went from Architect designing buildings, to a Cash Flow Architect helping people all over the United States understand how to generate cash flow, for generations. 

No, I am not a CPA, nor am I a licensed asset manager, I DON’T WANT TO BE. My calling in life is to help people achieve their highest potential so that they aren’t oppressed by the big financial institutions, the ever-fluctuating Stock Market, or unnecessary taxation. sss

As a 3rd generation financial coach, I didn’t always know I was going to end up in the financial world. When I was younger I thought I wanted to create buildings. I have an undergraduate degree and a Masters’ degree in architecture, and I actually practiced for a few years. However, the profession failed me.  

I was drawn to architecture because of the REASON behind the decisions that are made.

Buildings stand up for a reason.  

There are principles you cannot violate when creating long-lasting structures, principles you cannot violate - look at the leaning tower of Pisa :).  

While buildings need to follow rules, the way they look, the way we experience them, THAT is where the subjectivity comes into play. 

That’s where beauty comes from.  

First science, then art. 

Architecture is this beautiful marriage of science and art. 

While I was practicing architecture, I was feeling unfulfilled. At one point, I was helping to design a staircase for a billionaire… for 3 months. I questioned everything I was doing, I wasn’t actually helping people the best way I could. 

Then life happened. 

A close friend of mine lost his mother.  

We were 27 at the time, and his mom passed away at age 61. She was diagnosed with cancer, and 4 months later she was gone.  

My friend had never met his father, so when she passed away it was really hard to watch.  

She didn’t make a lot of money, but she was an EXCELLENT saver. She saved a Great Deal of money in, what we now know, was the wrong place. 

Yes, she had a ‘financial advisor’ (I use the term loosely here) who helped her save money but was blatantly clear at the end, was THERE WAS NO EXIT STRATEGY. 

All of her savings were in a Pre-Tax retirement account. I’m talking well over six figures. 

You would think this is a good thing, and it is until the money gets taken out. 

The money was there for HER retirement… but she didn’t live long enough.  

Imagine saving money your entire working career, with no exit strategy. 

Well, when she passed away, my friend was the sole beneficiary, at 27.  

Here’s a guy who lost his only family member, inherits a massive amount of money, and has no idea what to do. 

What did the advisor tell him? ‘Just roll it over into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), it’s for your retirement. 


His mom didn’t make it to retirement…  

He’s supposed to WATCH all of her savings from age 27 to age 59 ½ and HOPE he lives long enough to enjoy it? He’s supposed to HOPE the market does well and the money is still there to spend? He’s supposed to HOPE tax rates don’t go up when he pulls the money out?  

Is that what his MOTHER wanted?!?!?!  

I doubt it. 

I started to help my friend, and I realized typical financial planning HAS NO exit strategy. 

It’s all about accumulation.  

When has an advisor shared with YOU how to generate cash flow? Or do they just talk about saving money? 

It’s easy to understand why this is, financial advisors are incentivized to help people save, that’s how they get paid. 

There isn’t a financial advisor in this country, that is REQUIRED BY LAW, to help you understand how to MAXIMIZE your cash flow.  

Not one. 

We all know it, they charge a fee to manage the investment accounts. 

And what is worse, they aren’t required to teach you how much of that that PRE-TAX retirement account is actually yours that you can spend… because no one knows when you are going to take it out! More importantly, there isn’t a CPA in the country that can tell you what tax rates will be NEXT YEAR!  

How can we seriously take control of our financial world by saving money into an account that the government controls, where the value fluctuates, and the advisor can’t give a clear understanding of the cash flow that it will be able to produce??? 

There are only 11 years where you can actually access your pre-taxed retirement account the way you want. (prior to age 59 ½ you typically pay a penalty for distributions and at age 72 the FORCE you to take money out. And please don’t tell me you can loan from your 401k, you’re paying the money back after-tax, then you’ll pay tax again when you retire, and if you don’t pay the tax your beneficiaries will… whenever that may be. It’s a double whammy.  

I realized the reason most ‘free thinking’ entrepreneurial-minded people didn’t like the stock market because it is so similar to gambling. People want to have control over their wealth, not leave the value up to wall street.  

I learned there is a better way. 

The way wealthy people handle money, even the way banks and financial institutions handle money is the exact opposite of the methods they teach normal people to handle their own money. 

My mission is to change that. 

I want to help 1 million families take control of their wealth so they aren’t subject to the flaws associated with typical financial planning.  

I want to help them avoid:

- Unnecessary market losses
- Unnecessary asset management fees
- Unnecessary Taxation

I want them to have:

- Control
- Use
- Liquidity 

Of their money. 

Only by taking control of their money will families be able to spend more money without taking on so much of the risk associated with traditional planning. 

Every financial decision you make will have a positive or a negative impact on your ability to generate CASH FLOW.  

If you don’t know the rules of the game, you’re destined to lose.

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